IKOM 2014 - Talent meets Consulting!

After a successful participation last year, Morgenweck & Company are looking forward to...

Leading expert in change and restructuring management

Dr Markus Götz Junginger joins Morgenweck & Company

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Solving your challenges

We are a management consultancy oriented towards efficient product processes and helping you to

  • boost performance in the product process,
  • to reduce your warranty and goodwill costs and
  • to ensure successful information management in product development on a long-term basis.

Lasting and substantial efficiency enhancement in your company calls for solid analysis, creativity, experience and, above all, the willingness to think and act out of the box.

Morgenweck & Company will accompany you from the brainstorming phase aimed at turning ideas into solutions through to the implementation and communication of these solutions within your organization. The aim of our services is always the permanent acceptance and internalization of the formulated change among your employees.

Our approach to consultancy combines cross-sector expertise with your individual needs and objectives – and of course taking your corporate culture in account.

Our values commit us to surpass your expectations.